Théo started music with drums and percussion, which made him discover his passion for percussion keyboards and more specifically speaking the vibraphone.

This devotion led him to study Classico-Contemporary percussion at the conservatory of Reims. After studying classical music, he decided to specialize on his favorite instrument: the vibraphone✨. Led by his musical evolution, Théo’s interest in jazz music increased.

During his specialization on the vibraphone, he experimented and deepened the aesthetics of the jazz vibraphone with experts such as Franck Tortiller, Thomas Dobler, Emil Spanyi, Jean-François Baud, etc. Performing in a variety of styles, Théo enters the classical and contemporary music scene, he plays in jazz ensembles as well as in percussion ensembles or as a soloist.

Théo has performed as a vibraphonist in festivals such as Jazz Onze+, Label Suisse, Montreux Jazz, Verbier Classique Festival, Klang Basel, Longlake Festival or the Flâneries musicales de Reims. He also played as a percussionist at the Opera of Reims and at the OCP (Orchestre de Cuivres de Paris).

Intrigued by electronics and new technologies, Théo combines his passions exploring new possibilities of playing. About forty piezo microphones allow him to add effects and to control synthesizers from his vibraphone.