Initiated by the imagination of guitarist and composer Sqyp, 6 musicians with varied horizons of jazz culture come together. The group plays a repertoire of arrangements influenced by pop-rock songs (Coldplay, Radiohead, Björk), enriched by improvisation and classical music. Acoustic and electronic sounds meet rigorous writing and improvisation. They cross and harmonize giving life to a new hybrid music.

Saxophone / FX - Leo Fumagalli

Vibes / FX - Théo Diblanc

Guitar / FX, leader - Cyprien Morel

Piano - Mirko Maio

Double Bass - Benoit Quentin

Drums - Fabien Ghirotto


Created by vibraphonist Théo Diblanc and flutist Arthur Tanguy, SUGAR SWING The Band was initially formed as a trio (with guitar) in 2016. In 2017 the rhythmic section attended its final form by virtue of the two companions Etienne Loupot and Antoine Brochot joining the group. From then on, you can compare the groove’s solidity provided by the ensemble to hardened steel, which they proved on many occasions.

In 2020 the Dutch singer Sylvie Klijn joins the sugar-adventure and refines the lyrics of great jazz standards with her crystal voice. She is literally the frosting on the cake. In January 2022 the quintet recorded a new EP, "Sweet Times".

Singer - Sylvie Klijn

Flute - Arthur Tanguy

Vibes - Théo Diblanc

Guitar - Etienne Loupot

Double Bass - Antoine Brochot

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