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on the flight!! on the flight!! on the flight!!

🍿 Get onboard, sit down and relax. Hand-crafted immersion made by OVNI's pilots. Follow us and stay tuned for future creations outside the box, exploring what's beyond FPV, hidden on the other side, the dark side.

For ASMR lovers, goggle wearers : headphones recommended. 🎧

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FPV (First Person View) drones are small UFOs of the real world, remotely controllable and equipped with an electronic "eye" capable of transmitting in real time what is happening on the ground. Reserved for civilian use, these aircraft are mainly used by their pilots to experiment with instantaneous aerial cinematography. We classify these quadrotors in the family of radio-controlled leisure drones. Their powerful flight capabilities (reactivity, maneuverability, acceleration, speed...), have allowed the development of disciplines such as "FPV Racing" (drone races) or "FPV Freestyle" (acrobatic aerobatics).