“DiWhite Experiment '' is the laboratory of Théo Diblanc (vibraphonist and composer). He is surrounded by an astonishing team of musicians with a background of Jazz culture and contemporary music, allowing them to surf skilfully on the mixture of the codes. They form a group with an atypical instrumentarium: Vibraphone and English horn with effects, mixed with a power trio (Guitar, Bass, Drums) creating unique sound textures and a singular universe.

The DiWhite Experiment's challenge is to create a resolutely contemporary jazz, limitless, from obvious pop to wild noise, mixing powerful organic grooves, cosmic solos, neat melodies and delicate harmonies in order to create a bold sound.

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Vibes FX - Théo Diblanc

English horn FX - Alexis Bazelaire

Guitar - Cyprien Morel

Bass - Sacha Dumais

Drums - Vincent Andreae


Leading, composition et vibes

obstinate & unclassifiable

DiWhite Experiment is my laboratory for developing sound and composition.

What intrigues me most about the instrumentation of my project is the invention of new sound textures to create a singular sound experience for the listener.

The style that best describes this project would be "European Explosive Jazz". It represents a melting pot of contemporary music crossed with the energy of rock and the melodies and harmonies of jazz. There are various influences such as Steve Reich, Brian Blade, Pink Floyd, Christian Scott, Frank Zappa etc...

The repertoire is inspired by the rhythmic equivalences of contemporary music, the sounds of contemporary music and the grooves of modern jazz. The sound universe is aimed at a wide audience, with a wide listening culture.



English horn

inventive & cheeky

Originally oboist in classical music, Alexis discovered jazz and improvised music during his musical studies. He joined the HEMU Jazz of Lausanne in 2015, where he studied with renowned teachers such as Rob Bonisolo, Jeff Baud and Matthieu Michel.

Emil Spányi and Philip Henzy, professors of composition and arrangement, gave him new keys to musical writing. Since then, he has played in various groups, demonstrating that the oboe and the English horn also have their place in a context other than classical music. Now a composer and arranger, he is the leader of several groups ranging from gypsy jazz to progressive rock, and from neoclassical to modern jazz.

Eager to discover new things, Alexis Bazelaire never stops experimenting with the use of electronic effects on his instruments, analog synthesis, computer-assisted music, playing several wind instruments, etc.



cosmic & dreamy

Cyprien discovered music through the piano before devoting himself to the guitar as a teenager. Originally an autodidact, he started very early to discover the creative processes behind pop-rock music. In 2011, he joined the CRR of Annecy where he studied jazz guitar. His encounter with Thierry Girault reinforces his passion for musical writing and theory.

In 2016 he enters the HEMU of Lausanne. With Vinz Vonlanthen, Jeff Baud, Bänz Oester, Emil Spanyi and Philip Henzi, he obtained his Bachelor's degree, then a Master's degree in Jazz Performance & Composition in 2021. Cyprien continues to improve his instrumental playing with Sylvain Luc in the framework of his studies.

Always guided by creation, Cyprien continues to cultivate his love for musical writing and experiments with hybrid aesthetics and atypical orchestrations, either in his own project Sqyp or for other occasions (Bodycity - JOJO 2020, HEMU Jazz Orchestra Cully Jazz Program...).



intense & captivating

Sacha discovered his love for music and electric bass at the age of 14. He went straight to the conservatory where he quickly met people from different backgrounds and projects.

The discoveries and the musical and human experiences intensify, which allows him to perform throughout France, Switzerland and Russia over the years.

He teaches electric bass, and gives Rock Workshop classes at the Maison de la Musique de Divonne.

He is also currently a student at the Haute École de Musique de Jazz de Lausanne, where he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Jazz music.



precise & explosive

Versatile drummer, Vincent Andreae performs throughout Switzerland with various projects ranging from rock to jazz, folk, pop and electro. He plays with Louise Knobil, Dominique Hunziker, J-NUNN, In Fallow, etc...

He deepens his musical knowledge during a master "performer and composer" at the HEMU of Lausanne with Norbert Pfammatter, Matthieu Michel and Etienne Mbappe.

In 2021, Vincent won the Friedlwald scholarship. Afterwards, he participated in the Docks Proxima support project, as well as in the Igloo support project of the Brise-Glace d'Annecy.

In March 2022, he participated at a residency in Ghana with Etienne Mbappe, Thomas Dobler and other students to play several concerts with the Ayekoo Drummers of Ghana and a concert at the Chapiteau du Cully Jazz on their return.